"My process for painting is painful brutal procrastination to the point of crisis then absolute focus and drive"

January 31, 2019

1 - What is your process for painting? (Do you sketch and then go for the oil, are you constantly drawing, how long does a piece usually take you, etc etc)

I usually try and draw every chance I can get. With Illustration its all about creating form, with the line and oils its the opposite. You are creating form with tone and light, almost releasing it in a way.

My process for painting is painful brutal procrastination to the point of crisis then absolute focus and drive

2 - When did you start painting and why?

I really became serious about painting after I apprenticed as a tattoo artist. Drawing all day in the shop then putting those lines to skin really made me a better illustrator but burned me out on the whole transference of energy between the artist and the tattooed. I prefer the solitary ritual of oil painting. Maybe one day I'll pick up a machine again. I'm almost getting to that point.

3 - How do your music and your art relate to one another? Does one inspire the other? do you find yourself creating songs and paintings based on the same themes? Are they unrelated, do you prefer one to the other?

Its like I always say, I paint songs and I sing paintings.

4 - Who or what are some of your biggest influences or inspiration for painting.

Robert Mcginnis, Robert Williams, Andy, Jean Michel, Lee Bontecou, Giger. Also topics and things like America, Religion, Skateboarding, Sex, Jazz, the Occult, Love, Classic Paperback Cover Noir, and Pop Bubblegum.

5 - What are your upcoming plans as far as art goes?

I am currently working on a children's book about dreams. Its called 'There are such things as in your dreams' it's a title my daughter came up with. She's badass.

6 - Since you travel so much do you find that your environment influences your painting

I've painted and sketched while traveling through Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand, Japan, North America, etc and I think the environment inside my heart is the real influence as opposed to where I physically am.